4 Factors To Consider When Investing In Commercial Truck Tires

Commercial trucks are the lifeblood of many businesses. These trucks are responsible for the safe delivery of goods and services to consumers. Without a safe and reliable truck, your company may not be able to meet the needs of its customers.

Tires are an important component when it comes to truck safety. The right tires can help improve the fuel efficiency and performance of your commercial truck, allowing you to reduce costs and provide quality delivery services.

If you are in the market for new commercial truck tires, be sure that you take the following four considerations in mind.

1. Delivery Routes

The delivery routes that your commercial truck takes each day should play a role in the selection of that truck's tires. Commercial tires feature varying tread designs and rubber compounds that lend unique characteristics to each specific tire.

Some tires are designed exclusively for long road trips, while others are better suited for short-distance driving in a city setting. Other commercial truck tires may be equipped for off-road use.

By identifying the most common delivery routes your trucks complete each day, you will be able to select the tires that are best suited to perform effectively on these routes.

2. Weight Rating

Just as commercial truck tires have different tread patterns and compositions, these tires also come with varying weight ratings.

You should never use a tire with a lower weight rating than the load your truck is hauling. Improperly rated tires have the potential to burst or leak during use. A burst or leaking tire increases the risk that your commercial truck will be involved in an accident.

Take the time to determine how much your average loads weigh before you visit a commercial tire store. It's better to invest in tires with a higher weight rating to accommodate fluctuations in the weight of the cargo your company will transport.

3. Warranty

Commercial truck tires can be costly. The size and durability of these tires typically make them more expensive to manufacture. This increase in cost is passed along to the consumer in the form of a higher price tag associated with each commercial truck tire.

You want to ensure that your tire investment is protected against premature wear or unexpected failure. The only way to guarantee this protection is to purchase tires that are covered by a warranty.

Most manufacturers will offer warranties on their tires up to a certain number of miles.

Commercial tire shops may also offer a warranty on the labor required to mount, balance, and install your new truck tires. A warranty can protect you against the financial hardship that comes with unexpectedly having to replace a commercial truck tire.

4. Cost

Cost is always a consideration when you are investing in components for your commercial truck. It's important that you balance the cost of your new tires with the level of performance the tires can provide.

Cheap tires that will not be able to withstand the type of driving that your commercial trucks do will need to be replaced much sooner than a more durable tire.

Going with a cheap commercial truck tire may seem like a money-saving option, but it could end up costing you more over the life of your truck.

Find a tire that strikes the right balance between affordability and durability to ensure you get the most for your money when buying commercial truck tires.

Only when you consider all relevant factors can you successfully choose the right replacement tires for your commercial truck. Be sure that you consider delivery routes, weight ratings, warranties, and costs before finalizing your next commercial truck tire purchase.

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